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CLASH 98 V2.0

CLASH 98 V2.0

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The Clash 98 v2 combines an attractive design with outstanding performance for experienced players and is equipped with the smallest head size in the Clash v2 series, ensuring first-class precision. FORTYFIVE°'s patented carbon construction along with a revised layup at the frame tip provides incredible flexibility, stability and an expanded sweet spot. Players who prefer a lighter head benefit from additional weight in the grip for more control over the clubhead, while the overall weight of the club ensures excellent power and precision across the course. The new design with the embossed Clash logo on the neck and an anodized elastic finish gives the racket an unforgettable look.


  • The smaller head size is ideal for advanced players who value precision.
  • FORTYFIVE°, a patented carbon construction, offers maximum flexibility and stability for powerful and controlled shots.
  • Redesigned construction at the frame tip improves consistency and sweet spot.
  • Innovative design with embossed Clash logo and infrared anodized finish for a sophisticated look.
  • Horizontal Bending improves control on traditional horizontal punches.
  • Vertical Bending extends ball dwell time for more modern, vertical shots.
  • Torsional bending stabilizes flexibility when hitting off-center hits.
  • Parallel drilling ensures consistent stringbed response with increased forgiveness.
  • Shock absorbers, grommets and end caps are made from plant-based Agiplast to reduce the environmental footprint.


  • Head size: 632 cm2 / 98 in2
  • Length: 68.58 cm / 27 in
  • String pattern: 16x20
  • Balance strung: 31.6 cm / -8 pts
  • Balance unstrung: 30.6 cm / -12 pts
  • Weight covered: 326 g
  • Weight uncovered: 310 g

The racket is delivered unstrung.

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