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Luxilon Natural Gut 17 g/1.25 mm

Luxilon Natural Gut 17 g/1.25 mm

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Luxilon Natural Gut is designed with an exclusive coating and high-quality organic materials that ensure an unparalleled tactile experience, unmatched comfort and long-lasting tension. Specifically designed for use in conjunction with Luxilon monofilament strings, it outperforms any other synthetic string on the market in terms of longevity. Thanks to their exceptional shock absorption and responsiveness, Natural Gut offers outstanding performance that more than deserves its world-class reputation.

  • Consisting of 9 serosa ligaments
  • Additional straps ensure better tension maintenance
  • Unique low-friction coating optimized for hybrids
  • Organic, grass-fed cows deliver higher levels of collagen for incredible feel and durability

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