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Luxilon Eco Rough 17g/1.25mm roll

Luxilon Eco Rough 17g/1.25mm roll

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The Luxilon Eco Power Rough tennis string offers environmental friendliness and playing advantages. Made from 100% recycled material, it offers a hexagonal structure that allows players maximum revolutions without compromising the swing path. The wavy surface makes the string more flexible and gives every hit a softer feel with more forgiveness. These strings are ideal for players who want to generate more spin, but also for those looking for an arm-friendly string that doesn't cause pain.

- Made from 100% recycled material from PET bottles and packaging displays

- Diamond-shaped structure improves spin potential without compromising swing

- Wavy surface provides a softer feel and more forgiveness

- High durability thanks to a larger mold surface that absorbs the ball upon contact

- Ideal for players looking for maximum spin without compromising touch and control

- Flexibility of the string allows for arm-friendly playing

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